The photos in this website were taken in Australia in 1987-88 during a job exchange and in late 1989 during a return visit. The Arizona Department of Transportation and the New South Wales Department of Planning sponsored the job exchange.

With an Olympus-10 camera. I would stand in one position with a steady hand and eye, and slowly rotate taking pictures. After a roll of photos were developed, I manually stitched the pictures together.

In 2014, I began to create a digital record of the collection. I scanned the negatives of 66 panoramic photos and used the computer to stitch the images. I then used color correction on the computer to match the digital images to the original prints. I also scanned the original prints of 10 panoramic prints (their negatives were missing) and used the computer to remove the seams. One digital panoramic from the collection is a hybird of negatives and panoramic prints.

The digital conversion of the original panoramics made them look like they were taken recently. The cars, the people, and skylines, however, reveal a different time period.

My panoramic photos were uncommon for its time. They cost more than snapshots because of additional film and developing. They required patience and a steady hand to take sequential photos. Lastly, they required substantial time and carefully effort to stitch the photos together.

All images © James Rindone. All rights reserved.